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I don´t have a preview from you

We´re accepting bitmap and vector files (vector files are highly recommended!).
Because of laser engraving (it´s not printer) all files must be in 1-bit format (black&white - without grey) and in vectors if possible.
If you are making a design in bitmap (jpg,png,gif,etc.) and use non-standard font send us also the name of the font (or the font file itself).
We will try to convert your bitmap image into vectors and then we create a texts which you want.
We accept many file formats, best are vectors: svg,cdr,ai; bitmap: jpg,png,gif,bmp (when creating the bitmap use at least 800x800px with 300DPI)

I have a preview from you

So it´s really easy - just write to us your nick or number of order and we will find it.